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 17.00 - 23:00


 20:00 - 23:00
25 € per person ( Entrance-dish-dessert-coffee-wine included) / serving plate

At Sublim´EcoLodge the Chef will buy fresh and organic products every day for his meals. With signature cuisine and a vision centered on respect for raw materials, we hope to be able to provide our guests with a meal they will surely love.

The family and fun atmosphere that forms around the table of the owners become moments of pure pleasure that will mark your vacation.
We want those who visit us to feel the harmony again and to laugh, to have fun, to taste, to LIVE.

We intend to provide experiences that go beyond a dinner.

PalEo-bio Breakfasts

8:30 - 10:30
8 € per person / individual service

Fresh fruit: banana-kiwi-orange-strawberry
Dried fruit: almonds- sunflower-cereals
Toasted bread - organic butter
Bio Coffee - Tea - Bio Milk - Honey

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